Everything and Anything is Possible with Keto

I was shopping at the grocery store and as I was checking out, I started talking with the clerk, telling her about Lily’s chocolates that they are the best taste and low carb wise with no sugar! Anyhow she seemed amazed by that and she said so you’re doing low carb uh? I said yes! I’m so excited to tell everyone about this high fat diet because I myself only stubbled upon it. I told her about MCT oil and to look up Ketogenic diet on Siri or google will give you the short version but then don’t stop there! I said, that today, yes today I’m another pound down without even trying! 26lbs down!
I don’t work out in the gym, I’m not killing myself calorie counting and starving myself in the process. I don’t need to calorie count. The lady behind me, looked at the bottle of MTC oil and said 125 calories for a tablespoon like it was a bad thing. I told her I don’t need to calorie count because I eat less without even trying, The FAT is key in switching your body over to burn fat (ketones) instead of carbohydrates/sugar (glycogen).
Burn Fat all day Instead of carbohydrates! Once you become keto adaptive you will burn your own stored up fat and just like that your weight is falling off and even if you don’t need to lose weight you will be creating a health positive cycle of lowering inflammation!
Low carb, high fat diet the ketogenic diet does exactly that, better than tumeric root, better than ginger root. What causes inflammation? Insulin, high insulin is what causes inflammation in your body, basically your body is sending out firefighters (inflammation) to go and put the fire out!
You know what put’s the fire out? Low insulin. How to do that? Go longer without eating! Eat nutrient dense foods with lots of fat. The fat keeps you going longer without eating with NO stress to the body. When you do eat, pig out keto style and lose weight and achieve complete health. Weather you want to gain weight or loss it.
Don’t forget what causes high insulin, refined carbohydrates!

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