Keto Nutty Bars

These low carb nutty bars are so easy and delicious. They are perfect for an on-the-go snack or just as sweet yet healthy treat! My kids love these keto bars in their lunches. They are packed full of protein and healthy fats from all the nuts. The nuts I use in this keto recipe are low carb and have more of the good mono-unsaturated fats and less of the inflammatory poly-unsaturated fats. So dig in and give yourself satisfaction of knowing and feeling like you’ve made a healthy choice! Don’t forget to pig out keto style:)

Keto Nutty Bars


Other Ingredients


  • Mix all the chopped or minced nuts and seeds in a bowl and set aside. You do not want big whole chunks of nuts.
  • In a different bowl add in the other ingredients and mix well. You will want to melt the coconut oil to insure a good consistency.
  • Add the wet mixture to the nuts and seed, then mix thoroughly. Pour in your desired dish, pushing to all sides and pressing down firmly so that once hard it will cut smoothly.
  • You'll want to freeze for about 15 minutes before cutting into roughly two dozen pieces. Or more depending on how small or big you portion them out.


For 24 pieces it’s about 4 carbs per serving and that’s including the monkfruit sweetener and all the nuts and almond butter!

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