Keto Chocolate Cake

Have you tried every other keto cake recipe out there, but can’t find REAL cake like texture? Are you tired of baking expensive keto bricks? Well, no more!

This chocolate cake is super moist and has a delicious taste and texture, but the batter won’t seem at all like a cake while you’re preparing it. Don’t worry! That’s part of why this cake is sure to rise and stay that way.

Keto Chocolate Cake


In another bowl combine the wet ingredients….

For The Ganache


  • Pre-heat your oven to 325F. Cook time will be 60-70 minutes. You will know when it’s done by giving a tap on the pan and it will no longer jiggle. This cake will rise high so be sure to use a 8inch round cake pan that’s 3 inches high. I also used a metal heating core to make sure the middle cooked thoroughly.
  • Add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients and mix well. Then, gradually pour in the melted ingredients while stiring. This batter will look and feel very thick, not at all like typical cake batter. This is what you want… See the second picture below!


If you want to have a smaller cake simply cut the recipe in half and just use 3 eggs and a bit more cream cheese or vice versa. Cook a smaller cake at the same temperature, but the time will be slightly less, so start with 30 minutes then check every 5 0r so.
Let me know what  you think in the comments below and enjoy!







4 thoughts to “Keto Chocolate Cake”

    1. Monkfruit sweetener I used 1 cup which is 48 tsp times 4 = 192 carbs in the form of sugar alcohols.
      For the coconut flour I used 1/2 cup which is 4 carbs
      The dutch coco powder I used 1 tbsp which is 1 carb
      The unsweetened coco chips I used was 4 oz which is 16 carbs
      all together It’s 213 carbohydrates. If you cut it up 10 ways you would get 21 carbs per slice.
      Remember this is a really big and tall cake!

  1. Hi, I love the pics. Got a question. I’m not too crazy about coconut flour because I think the taste is a little overwhelming. I’m wondering if in this recipe the flavor is not too noticeable or can sub with almond flour.

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