Low Carb Syrup

This low carb syrup is on the low glycemic index, keto approved and taste amazing! All you need is two ingredients. If you want it more sweet then just add powdered sweetener. The glycemic index for vita fiber is at 35 and 1 teaspoon of the vita fiber is only 1 net carb (0 sugars). Compared to natural unrefined honey which is any where from 35-45 or higher on the glycemic index depending on what those bees ate. That’s not even mentioning the net carbs which is 7 net carbs (sugar and or fructose) per teaspoon!

I’m not trying to make honey out to be the bad guy here. Honey has lot’s of health benefits too just not any that contribute to healthy insulin levels.

1 Cup VitaFiber

1 Tbsp Organic Pure Maple

1 Tsp Lakanto Monkfruit (Optional)

Mix it up and enjoy smothering your pancakes/french toast in a healthy prebiotic, sweet and yummy way. This recipe I got from Dr. Berg…. I love him!

More about the health benefits of vitafiber you can find here at The Sugar Sweetener Guide.

The KetoPig loves quality and healthy ingredients, and is pleased to be sponsored by VitaFiber! Some of the links in this post are sponsored and your buying VitaFiber products via these links helps support the site while you keeping you healthy too! Thank you!

2 thoughts to “Low Carb Syrup”

  1. have you made anything using vitafiber powder?? I bought some by mistake, thinking it was the syrup, and now have this HUGE bag of it and don’t know what to do with it. Can you make syrup with it? If so, how? Thanks in advance

    1. I haven’t yet made anything with the powder. I did taste it and it’s not sweet like the syrup but I haven’t tried to turn it back into syrup. I should think it would turn back into a syrup in water because it’s a starch. But I’m unsure how much water probably very little. I will try this today just to see what it does. I was thinking I would use it in a bread recipe. Since it is a starch it may work out very nicely. Thank you for all your questions Dina! I’m right there with when I say, I hope that the powder works as well as the syrup does. šŸ™‚

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