Organic Beeswax Body Lotion

This easy homemade beeswax body lotion is fantastic for lots of different uses such as hair to keep the flyaways down or for men that need a strong hold on that crazy hair. This recipe my husband came up with is just to good to not share. I also use this beeswax body lotion for my face, as a lip balm, deodorant, works great for razor burn and foot care.

If you are using for deodorant I suggest using just a dab mixed with a couple drops of either olive oil or apricot oil with some essential oils of your choice. So that when you sweat you’ll smell of the essential oils. I prefer using cinnamon, tea tree and frankincense. All of which are antibacterial, killing bad bugs while feeding the good bugs that we naturally want to be healthy and strong. In 4 oz of your carrier oil you’ll use 1 drop of cinnamon, 5 drops of tea tree and 5 drops of frankincense. A couple drops of this mix with the beeswax body care lotion is perfect for your underarms. Be carful using any of the citrus essential oils as they will make your skin photosensitive and contribute to sun damage.

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4 pound Pouring Pot

8-Ounce Candle Tins (12-Pack)

What you need

2 Pounds BetterBody Organic Naturally Refined Coconut Oil

1 Pound  Beeswax Pellets

1/4 Cup olive oil

5 Drops  Cinnamon Cassia Oil 

10 Drops  Bay Rum Essential Oil

10 Drops Artizen Cedarwood Essential Oil

20 Drops Vanilla Oleoresin Essential Oil


In a double broiler melt the coconut oil and beeswax thoroughly. This step will take about 45-60 minutes to melt and thoroughly mix making sure both are incorporated well.

The wax and the coconut oil will look like it’s completely melted and combined much earlier than this. Don’t be fooled. Even when it appears as though the mixture is completely liquid and combined, it takes a fair bit of mixing to probably blend everything. If you pour out the mixture early, you’ll get small clumps of wax when you rub the lotion on your hands, body or hair. To fix this, you’ll need to re-melt everything again so it’s not a loss, but it’s a lot more hassle compared to giving everything an extra bit of time to really (and I mean REALLY) combine. This recipe made 9 cans of 8 oz. Tip, we used the refined coconut oil because it’s a neutral smell but if you like how coconuts smell you can use the unrefined also.

Turn heat off and let it sit for 5-10 minutes giving time to let it cool before adding in the essential oils.



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