Best Low Carb Bread

This one-bowl keto bread recipe is so easy and quick! There are also no gums in this recipe which is important to me because of the harmful effects they can have on your gut. This low carb bread turned out wonderfully and my kids loved it!

Best Low Carb Bread



  • Bake at 350F for 45-50 minutes
  • Mix all the wet ingredients then add in the dry and simply blend with a hand mixer. The batter will look very thick. I topped mine with parmesan cheese, or try something else creative, or just go naked! You can add spices to this recipe to complement your main course, or if you’re thinking more about dessert, you can add sweetener and cinnamon to make a tasty treat. Have fun with this!
  • If you use only almond flour, the loaf will burn unless you lower the temperature and increase the baking time. We try to keep the amount of almond flour we consume at a lower level. Too much almond flour interferes with nutrient absorption, that’s why this recipe has a mix of coconut and almond flours as a base. Besides its nutritional benefit, we love the taste the coconut flour adds!
  • But you can also do too much of a good thing. If you make this recipe with only coconut flour the result would be a coconut brick, not a tasty loaf.

19 thoughts to “Best Low Carb Bread”

  1. i have baked bread before and the recipe was quick and easy. The baking soda and baking powder could be old so my bread came out looking good, but seems a bit on the heavy side.I had two slices with butter and I am thinking oh my god more butter. It was so filling that I guess that was lunch. Thanks for your inspiration. I want to stay keto/LCHF IF 16/8. I have lost 60lbs. and have kept off for a over a year.

    1. Great job! Keep going! šŸ™‚ Thank you for your sweet comment and I’m so happy for your success!!

  2. I was looking for a bread with beef gelatin in the recipe but there isn’t any.. I’ll keep looking..

  3. This recipe is defiantly one to save. I will make this again. I did not add anything to it, but I look forward to experimenting with making it a sweet bread and adding spices. Very happy to have this recipe. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I have a hard time with all the eggs in bread recipes. I am really sensitive to the texture and taste of it. Over on Keto For Real LIfe People, Nancy Childress has a really good bread/bun recipe. My favorite so far. But, her recipe calls for just making buns, not a loaf. And it doesn’t toast well. Why is it that Keto breads have to be small loaves or buns? And I want yeast in my bread so it tastes like bread, to me anyway. Keto ingredients are so expensive that I hate experimenting and then it coming out inedible! So, if you can make a loaf that is normal size, yeasty , tastes good, is still Keto and doesn’t use more than 3 eggs, that would be amazing!! I don’t ask for much, right? LOL!! Happy baking!! šŸ™‚

    1. I completely understand and I know exactly what you mean. I have tried so many different things and I will not give up. The thing is with the keto breads is that there is no grains well should be no grains but then there is no bulk so the egg or cheese is the bulk plus it is what gives the rising factor like bread. You could used more almond flour but I’m afraid that’s not so good for the digestion. Coconut flour would be the one to use more of but then coconut flour is 3 times more absorbent. So I find myself in a pickle most of the time ahaha. I try to just be ok without keto bread all the time. šŸ™‚

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