Why Your Body Loves Keto

Much more than weight loss

I want to start off by saying the reason why I started keto was for weight loss, not only was I a skeptic but I thought, I have tried everything else why not try something that I would actually enjoy since that men’t I could eat more fat glorious fat. I have put my body through such torment of low fat and low carb which is not sustainable, you end up giving in to your cravings and at some point over eat. Sugar/carbohydrates raises insulin and not only that but it’s keeps you in a vicious circle of being hungry, starving, bloated and stuffed and than starving again.

I am 30 years old and very active and I like hiking in the winters cause let’s face it, it’s to hot here in AZ during the summer. I would do work out videos and count calories and yet I was still gaining weight. I thought to myself, why?! This is not right and it can’t be because I’m getting older. After I hit 25 years I started putting on the weight, I no longer could eat like I used to. My journey started around that time and I did some crazy things thinking it’s what I needed to do and nothing worked. Every pound I lost I gained back plus more every year.

I stumbled my way into the ketogenic diet. I’m forever grateful and so thankful that I am on a mission to help those who don’t know about insulin. I want to point you in the right direction. Once you know about insulin and glucagon and what the two hormones do in your body, it will forever change the way you think about food. Everyones body is different and processes food or chemicals differently. A ketogenic diet is so versatile that it really is amazing! There is no one size fits all diet, some people do better with working out and some do poorly. It’s not laziness, it’s just not enough energy and you will never have enough energy burning carbohydrates as your fuel.

Finding out that I could use my own fat for energy, (not to mention the best feeling in the whole world, better than anything I have ever experienced in my life). I found that it was so easy to incorporate because of all the delicious foods that made me so happy to eat and made me feel so good after eating with no bloating! All of the foods that I was told to cut down on (fats) was what I got to eat and I was only left with amazing energy. So of course I kept going and it was like it was just a plus to have the weight gone and it wasn’t the sole reason for loosing the weight any more. My body was so happy it would thank me everyday through having incredible energy, beautiful glowing skin and the little aches and pains that I had started to disappear. Clarity in my mind got me thinking and so I started this blog to reach out to others that are looking for help.

I know my body better than ever before, knowing and feeling my body and what it wants or if somethings wrong is like a super power. It’s so wonderful that I just can’t help myself but to share this wonderful Not new news. I will put some links up that helped me along the way. Good luck with your journey and God bless you along the way!

Have fun, feel amazing and pig out keto style!

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