What Is Healthy Food To You?

For many years, I thought I was eating healthy and I forced myself to like certain things because I thought they were good for my body. What, in your mind, do you think is healthy? Is it whole wheat, corn, oats? Is it ancient grains, barley, brown rice, quinoa?  Maybe canola oil, vegetable oil, corn oil? Possibly low fat milk, yogurt or soy? Even possibly Special K cereal, protein bars or granola?

No matter how they are labeled — heart healthy, low fat, low cholesterol — these foods are sold to us as the key to preventing heart disease.

It’s a lie.

Every time I walk by these foods in the grocery store, I scratch my head and think, why? Why does the food industry want to murder us all over a tortured multi-decade span of disease? This is most likely not the case but I can’t help feel that way, when I see so many people unknowingly poisoning their metabolisms, reaping the horrible side effects from what is in their shopping carts.

I was putting my body through hell, thinking it was healthy, then blaming myself for not having the willpower to exercise. I had no energy nor enthusiasm to do so. I love to hike and it’s normal for me to do 10-20 miles every week during the winter (because I live in Arizona.) Even with the passion for the outdoors, it took determination. I always wondered why that was, wondered why I had to push so hard to do something I loved, wondered why when I didn’t, the weight would pile on and than some every year.

Until keto, I never understood. Why didn’t I have the energy level I wanted? Why was I exhausted and foggy after eating “healthy” food? And when the fog lifted, why was I instantly hungry and irritable and dying for more carbohydrates to feed a beast in my belly that was never fully satisfied?

I have been on the ketogenic diet since June 12th 2017 and I have lost 31 pounds. I reversed my insulin resistance, conquered my hunger while gaining sustainable energy. My over all health and my mental clarity has improved supercalifragilisticexpialidociously.

Dr Berg on low carb veggies 

Thomas Delauer on low carb fruit



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