Your True Size

How often do we here people complaining about their bodies? Or if they’re not complaining, they’re rationalizing something they clearly don’t want. I have heard it from all sides, from the thin to the thinner, from the big to the bigger. I don’t believe that either side is right. Healthy is what is beautiful and sexy, no matter what size you are. If you’re healthy on the inside then you will be the true size you are meant to be.

This is a subject that seems to get blurred because someone always gets offended. I dislike how commercial advertising is used on us, telling us we can’t be happy if we are not a certain size. Both sides do it. You are your own person and should be able to think for yourself without a spokesmodel telling you how you should look.

Knowing what I know about the ketogenic diet and what it has done for me, when I meet someone, I’m always curious about their diet. I think of how hard it is to share this knowledge with people that don’t know or don’t care to know about insulin and what it does in the body. I stumbled on the keto diet and I’m forever grateful, which is why I can’t help but spread the word.

I think of all the skinny models that are unhealthy because they are told thin is beautiful so they starve themselves or create an eating disorder to stay thin. I also think of the big and bigger models that are “brave” because they got were they are by following a traditional diet plan loaded with so-called healthy whole grain carbohydrates. But, what I dislike more than anything is that these models, bigger or smaller, are being used to sell products in a way that promotes poor health choices on both ends of the spectrum.

I think it’s strange considering that obesity is at an all time high and growing, while we hear increasingly about how being big is beautiful and sexy. It would seem that they are trying to say that big is healthy?! If you are 5’8″ and wearing a size 16 dress, you are not big boned, God didn’t make you that way, your genes didn’t doom you to shopping only at Lane Bryant, like everyone tells you, like they used to tell me.

I know because this was me. I would say things like, “My legs are so sexy they can’t stop touching each other,” “I don’t want to lose my boobs if I lose weight,” or, “I’m so curvy and thick baby!” But many of those curves were still bigger than I wanted, and many more were in the wrong places.

In reality, my skin was chafed from constantly rubbing together. My body was inflamed, and I had rashes even where my blubber didn’t rub itself raw. I was always out of breath, tired and, even worse, hungry, bloated, and gassy.

Why do we hold up big as healthy? Here’s an example. Ashley Graham is big and gorgeous without a doubt! But if you think that she was just predestined to be plus-sized, I’d ask you to look carefully at her meals she describes in this interview. I dare you to find a meal that isn’t straight from one of the low-fat, high-carb diet books that are turning most people into jumbo zeppelins.

My thunder thighs and I used to eat this way for a long time! You probably do too. Until you learn about insulin, about why your body needs fats, about why a dozen meals a day is destroying your metabolism. Until you realize that glucose (regardless of it showing up as the purest whitest sugar or the most complex of the whole grain carbohydrates) is a dirty-burning fuel for your cells, and that your body’s only response to excess glucose is to stuff it away as fat to keep it from doing even more damage to your health. Then, and only then, you realize why you’re overweight.

If you want to change your your body’s metabolism and composition, you need to see food in a whole new light. You need to see the food that your body wants and needs is the exact opposite of what the advertisers are pushing.

Fat is beautiful, just not the way you’re thinking.

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